Ring PLLs

General purpose synthesizers and special purpose PLLs

Silicon Creations provides a wide range of ring oscillator based PLLs for general purpose clocking and purpose built for specific applications. Our ring PLLs share a common analog core architecture which is in very large volume production in well over 750 customer chips from 180nm CMOS to 5nm FinFET providing a low risk path to generating most SoC clocks. Our PLLs include:

  • Fractional-N PLLs which are multi-functional, general purpose frequency synthesizers. A rich set of features are combined with low power, low area, best-in-class jitter performance and widely flexible programming making these PLLs suitable for a wide range of applications from general purpose and spread spectrum core clocking to clocking of ADC/AFE circuits and generation of PCIe3 reference clocks. A 24-bit delta-sigma modulator allows the output frequency to be adjusted in steps smaller than 0.01ppm. In many processes we complement our general purpose Fractional-N PLL with a low-jitter Fractional-N PLL capable of generating a PCIe5 compliant reference clock from a Xtal reference. Download a product overview.
  • Fully integrated IoT PLLs for ultra-low power applications using microwatts of power when operating using a 32.768kHz (RTC) reference clock and with extremely fast start/stop times for low system energy consumption.
  • Deskew PLLs for DDR interfaces and Zero-delay buffer applications.
  • Extremely low area ring PLLs running from core voltage only optimized for clocking digital circuits.
  • Multi-phase PLLs providing 12, 16 or even 32 outputs with accurately spaced phase suitable for phase alignment in source-synchronous data interfaces like DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4.
  • High-speed, performance optimized integer PLLs with integrated jitter as low as 1ps RMS and suitable for clocking precision data converters and SerDes, yet using a fraction of the die area needed for an LC-PLL.
  • Fully integrated Jitter Attenuator (Jitter Cleaner) PLLs optimized for Clock De-spreading, PON, OTU and Synchronous Ethernet applications with bandwidth programmable to below 1Hz.

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Excellent Simulation Correlation

Jitter simulation modes are calibrated against silicon and accurately predict phase noise reducing risk when targeting optimal PPA

Excellent Simulation-Silicon Correlation

Jitter compensation DAC in or Fractional-N PLL significant;y reduces Fractional spurs and enables this PLL to replace cascades of integer PLLs with lower power and lower area. Almost any Xtal can be used.

Typical Fractional-N PLL

Typical Fractional-N Ring PLL block diagram showing very wide range. Separate power domains allow multiple PLLs to share supplies.

Multiphase PLL

Multi-phase (DDR) Ring PLL

Exact spread spectrum modulation

Spread spectrum modulation with exactly the shape and modulation frequency you program

Jitter Cleaner

Fully integrated Jitter Cleaner PLLs

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