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Ring PLL

ring pll

Silicon Creations Ring-PLLs are in mass production from 40nm to 180nm and proven in 28nm. Common features and benefits of our proven circuit architecture include:

- 24-bit Fractional modulator available providing frequency steps below 0.01ppm
- Fractional jitter compensation providing lower jitter than any other PLL IP
- Self-biasing circuit architecture tracks remarkably well over PVT giving predictable performance and high yields
- Simulation models with great silicon correlation accurately predict performance.

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lc pll

In applications where ultra low jitter or phase noise is required, a high quality LC PLL is needed. Our fully integrated LC Tank based PLLs can achieve 20-60 times lower phase noise for a given power specification than a ring based PLL. This makes LC Tank based PLLs optimal for high performance applications such as wireless, high speed IO, or clocking of high resolution data converters.

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Serializer – Deserializer IP

serializer deserializer ip

Our SerDes architecture is in production in processes ranging from 180nm to 28nm and at rates from 100Mb/s to over 12.5Gb/s. We offer targeted PHYs including JESD204, XAUI, CPRI, SGMII, CPRI, OIF-CEI, V-by-One HS, Infiniband and Serial RapidIO, a Multiprotocol PMA covering over 30 protocols from 250Mb/s to 12.7Gb/s and SerDes designed for custom requirements.

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LVDS-based IOs


Silicon Creations Bi-directional LVDS is silicon proven, fast (up to 3Gb/s) and highly programmable and with LVCMOS IOs on each pin is an excellent IO for FPGA to ASIC conversions. It is available as an IO, or a complete video interface with dynamic phase alignment meeting HDI, FPDLink, FastLVDS, miniLVDS, TMDS, FPD Link, Camera Link, OpenLDI and other standards.

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Silicon IP

Silicon Creations is a USA-based Silicon IP developer with development offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Krakow, Poland. We are focused on providing world class silicon IP and have a wide portfolio of precision and general purpose timing (PLLs), Chip-chip SerDes and high-speed differential IOs. Please visit our products page to learn more about our products.


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