March 1st, 2023

SOC Clocking Solutions Require Thought and Planning - Part 1

ChipEstimate Tech Talk with Jeff Galloway and Tom Simon — Silicon Creations

SOC Clocking Requirements

During the early stages of the design of a chip, time is viewed in the abstract. This applies equally for system clocks and for interface clocks. As the design moves from behavioral views to RTL, elements of time are added, but still in the form of ideal clock edges. When RTL moves to gates, the physical properties of the clock take on importance. Ideal clocks are replaced with real clock signals that must meet rigid requirements to ensure proper design functionality. Ideal clocks offer the luxury of not having to worry about jitter, duty cycle and the myriad of other physical challenges to clock signal integrity and SOC PPA. At the heart of any clocking scheme are the clocking elements such as crystal oscillators, free running oscillators, PLLs and CML buffers that provide the heartbeats of design. 

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