LVDS-based IOs

Silicon Creations Bi-directional LVDS is silicon proven and is highly programmable and is an excellent IO for FPGA to ASIC conversions. Features include:

  • TIA/EIA644A LVDS and sub-LVDS compatibility

  • Operates at up to 3Gb/s in some processes

  • Trimmable on-die termination

  • Independent LVCMOS input functions

LVDS-based Interfaces

Based on this versatile LVDS circuit and our robust PLLs and CDR architecture we developed multiple uni-directional and bi-directional parallel source-synchronous interfaces for Chip-chip and Video data transmission. These interfaces can comply with custom chip-chip (or chip-FPGA) requirements or standards including HDI, FPDLink, FastLVDS, miniLVDS, TMDS, FPD Link, Camera Link and OpenLDI.  A dynamic phase alignment and robust word alignment architecture enables data rates exceeding 190Mpixels/s (1.33Gb/s in each lane).  For more information on our LVDS Interfaces please download a product overview.

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Silicon IP

Silicon Creations is a leading silicon IP developer with offices in the US and Poland. The company is focused on providing world-class silicon intellectual property (IP) for precision and general-purpose timing (PLLs), low power, high-performance SerDes and high-speed differential I/Os. Silicon Creations' IP is proven from 7 to 180-nanometer process technologies. Please visit our products page to learn more about our products. 

With a complete commitment to customer success, our IP has an excellent record of first silicon to mass production in customer designs. Our team would be delighted to meet with you and help solve your ASIC and SoC challenges. To contact us or one of our sales representatives please visit our contacts page.


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